Tecno-3d Engineering is a well-organized and dynamic company, in continuous evolution in order to guarantee a constant and updated service in design research.
Born in the Italian Motor Valley in 1998 out of an idea by Ivano Salardi and Giorgio Capiluppi, Tecno-3d Engineering has evolved in the course of years, so as to become a structure made up of 15 people, among which the owners, engineers and technicians, an integrated team able to support you in the development of projects in all their phases: from the idea to its realization.

For this purpose, Tecno-3d Engineering is constantly investing in staff training and in the purchase of data-processing equipment and software applications, so as to ensure the clients the best and most innovative design solutions.


Tecno-3d Engineering presents itself as a partner of its clients, as it aims at being  something more than just a supplier of technical services, offering its experience, reliability and professionalism to create a dynamic cooperation relationship in line with the clients’ real needs, so as to follow the projects from the initial idea to their realization.


The market needs in the automotive and industrial machinery sectors are in continuous evolution, therefore more and more competences are requested.
Tecno-3d Engineering can see to the design in every detail, following all processing phases.


To get a good result, you must be able, in the preliminary phase, to collect from the client all the information which is necessary to understand the needs and features of every single project.


The design is made with care and experience, by using above all the software CAD ProEngineer, CATIA or NX.


The design is developed and shared with the client in all the phases of its evolution, so as to get the best result.